MUSICOLOGY pays tribute to the senses, memories and vibrations that music brings to people ...

Since the appearance of humanity, we have been using our five senses to evolve and transform the world around us… Sight, touch, taste, smell and hearing! Each one uses a different part of our body, but all of these senses need our Memory.

In fact, the arts are constantly using our senses and memories to transmit, to evoke, and to stir… and two of our major senses are Hearing and Smell. And both bloom in Music and Perfume.

Each Perfume and each Music has its own notes, harmony, accords, melody… and even more than the linguistic similarities is another key element that connects them: the Air!

If all the Arts resonate one with one another, only Music and Scent share the same impalpable, and evanescent vehicle, that transports and bring them to the heart. Sounds and molecules travel in space, they come and go with the same brilliance, and it is perhaps this ephemeral state that underlines the real connection between Perfume and Music.

Perfume is a Symphony; Scent is a Melody.


At the origin of this creation, Fabien Boukobza with almost 30 years of experience in the fragrance industry, has collaborated with several major perfume houses.
Lover of perfume and fervent of music, he decided through MUSICOLOGY to express his memories, and his musical and olfactory emotions.
Orchestrated by Nathalie Lorson, internationally renowned Master Perfumer, this collection transcribes into perfume these moments of life, so as to share them with you.